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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Topical Creme #2: Dr Nakano’s ‘Holographic World’

By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip The mysterious Dr...

Dipp’d and swoop’d is to FLAP what chopped and screwed was to rap

One Winged Angel has burst on to the scene with abyssal edits of contemporary flap bangers. The DREAM Soundcloud page has premiered his biggest hit to date,...

Huawei OS, by anon.

2020An interstateOpen a lucid dreamAssimilation of mind into dataBecome present 2030She is older nowWearing oversized sunglassesHolding hands thru the parkHuawei OS
Remember interview with BROKEN_CANYON


The start of a new series in where BROKEN_CANYON, an artist with a rising profile in her own right, sits down with other artists for personalised interviews.

What Will AI Think Of Us? [CANVAS #50]

In this episode of CANVAS, HKE and Shima discuss the topic "What will AI think of us?", evolving the conversation into topics...