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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


All the latest news and events from Dream Catalogue, residents and all other associated record labels and artists.

Nicol storms off Parley Radio, show changes apparently coming

Nicol, Dream Catalogue's new general manager and the host of weekly Thursday-night Youtube radio series 'Parley Radio' abruptly ended yesterday evening's show with a small tirade.


New York native BROKEN_CANYON operates in the realm of art, writing and music under the guiding principle of her self-realised concept ‘the mektrix’. What...
Facechain - Dream Catalogue Residents

RESIDENTS: Facechain

Functioning somewhere in the centre of where the pendulum of art and fashion swings, Facechain’s abstract-outsider approach to dub techno and ambient music has earned him immediate...

Introducing TRAX

With the redevelopment and relaunch of Dream Catalogue, we are introducing a new concept TRAX - or, DREAMTRAX. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Dream...
M - #LUCID album cover

M drops debut album ‘#LUCID’

After a year of anticipation, flap superstar M drops his debut album '#LUCID' today, exclusively available on DREAMSTORE. Flap is the chaotic neo-futurist rap...
Remember - Dream Catalogue Resident Artist


Educated with a BSc in Music Technology at the University Of East London, Jude Frankum is best known for his most popular music project ‘Remember’, which the...
Facechain - Mikkalanjlo (album cover)

Facechain’s ‘Mikkalanjlo’ premieres on DREAMSTORE

Simultaneous to the announcement of Facechain as an official RESIDENT artist of Dream Catalogue yesterday evening, arrived the release of Facechain's 'Mikkalanjlo' on DREAMSTORE.

Remember – ‘The City Is My Friend’ on 12″ yellow vinyl available on DREAMSTORE

Remember's massive 2018 album 'The City Is My Friend' is now available on DREAMSTORE, in both black and yellow 12" vinyl. Housing the vinyl,...


Taking an atavistic and mystical approach, Yoshimi Hishida’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland, Japan, relative to the modern world, exploring the dichotomy between...
Dream Catalogue Relaunch 5g

Dream Catalogue relaunches

Dream Catalogue has relaunched today as a corporation, transforming itself from a record label into a larger corporation. The label was originally opened...

What Will AI Think Of Us? [CANVAS #50]

In this episode of CANVAS, HKE and Shima discuss the topic "What will AI think of us?", evolving the conversation into topics...