By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

On ‘Mikkalanjlo’, Facechain returns to the stage with a well measured mix of singles and cuts, making his case as one of the new talents to watch on the reborn Dream Catalogue.

Facechain offers retro warmth and witty, imaginative composition that at least gives techno’s slowing pulse a needed quickening and comes recommended to anyone with an ear for the absurd or the antiquated.

A departure from other stalwarts of Dream’s blossoming dance movement, Facechain comes across experienced beyond his years, leaning more towards the Dr Nakano end of the spectrum in his synth design, subdued and controlled, a stark contrast with the likes of the bombastic, chaotic, thundering beats of Halo Acid’s Body Dares.

Highlights include the opening track ‘Do U Feel Me?’ with it’s compelling arpeggio that soon develops into all out magic over some jazzy beatwork. Another notable moment is his take on the classical piano track Gymnopdies by Erik Satie, where some sickeningly sweet synthlines give new life to the immortal track; capturing a feeling of light longing maybe?

If you give any track a listen, however, it has to be ‘Midnight Bus’, his collab with the well known drone artist Sangam. In this, he gives a new vision to his collaborator’s distinct textures by adding a soft techno beat and light analogue distortion to the proceedings, creating a sense of distance and loneliness that reminds me of the time I first caught herpes in the toilets of Berghain from a former fishwife with no teeth.