It takes a certain level of audacity to pull off a track like Patrol1993’s ‘Final Edit From That Walka Cocka Tacka2’ – such an audacity that few artists possess in today’s world of over-refinement and the anxious desperation to be liked. But Patrol1993’s work on this piece of music has had me genuinely mesmerised since I first heard it earlier today. I’m at around my twelfth or fifteenth listen for the day, sipping a Dr. Pepper Zero at my desk, contemplating all the elements of the track and what it is about it that has me spellbound…

I think it’s this sense of anticipation that this sparse, near-arrhythmic track builds with a subtlety that never pays off. No bass notes, no hi-hats. Patrol1993 edges your brain for just under three minutes before abruptly leaving you cold, craving more. So much more, that I am compelled to replay this track over and over for hours, in amazement – and yet, as an artist myself, with a curious envy.

The clap, however, could be the magic touch. The courage to let this one dissonant clap play throughout the mix as soon as the percussion comes in without any drum fills, switch-ups in rhythmic structure or changes in processing demonstrates a naturally raw, animalistic approach that many artists lose sight of the importance of through the development of their own skill and social assimilation.

And yet the clap is a distraction from the om-like industrial saw drone that at first introduces and then permeates the track. It has a certain transparency – allowing the space for the aforementioned clap to carry the track, but its constant presence soaks into you without you even realising, especially on repeated listens, massaging the brain on a spiritual level that aids the overall transcendent momentum the track builds.

Entirely free of self-consciousness, Patrol1993 has devised what will perhaps go down as his magnum opus, by delivering a track that just exists, as is. In an era where music has essentially come to an end (it has been completed – the sonic map has been fully charted), yet an era home to a culture that is still chock full of vapid attention seekers who desperately attempt to carve out an image of fake coolness in their frantic and desperate burning heat, it is these little nuggets of ice cold genius that still pop up every day which reveal the utility music will eternally carry. Quite simply, Patrol1993 just doesn’t give a fuck – that is quite evident.

Sonic innovation may have come to an end, but the context for music will always evolve as dreaming, like the universe, is infinite. And in this new context of art and music we see mutating all around us, within this era of digital chaos, the excess and opulence, it is these momentary reflections of presentness from artists who exist on such a lucid plane that can really jolt you awake.

Written by HKE

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