The start of a new series in where BROKEN_CANYON, an artist with a rising profile in her own right, sits down with other artists for personalised interviews.

B_C: So how are you today Jude?

Remember: Yeah, not too bad thank you, yourself?

B_C: I’m doing pretty well thank you. So let’s start from the beginning — when did music (or even art in general) start to truly have meaning for you?

Music to me has always had meaning as far back as I remember. How aware of that meaning I was is a little beyond me but music’s ability to make people dance, cry, smile etc for example has always stuck with me, as long as I can remember. Music gained more meaning however once I started creating it more seriously in my mid teens. I really started to see the ‘need and want’ in both making music and listening to it.

B_C: What particular artists were on heavy rotation during your teens who really got you into music seriously?

Remmeber: Well I went through some pretty crazy musical hoops to get to where I have ended up. Skrillex was the reason I started making electronic music. He made me realise that making music didn’t mean sitting in a room with 3 other dudes with guitars and drums, which had been my only real music creation experiences up to this point. This was when I was maybe 14 or so.

15-17 was me exploring ambient music, shoegaze, post-rock and experimental music as a whole. All of these things broke down the barriers to what music is and was and will be. Ambient music came to me via Aphex Twin, who had been name-dropped by Skrillex. And from there it was a rabbit hole. Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Lowercase Noises, Tycho, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Burial, Four Tet. All of these people came to me in the space of two years, and countless others. These people showed me where music can go, how far you can take certain ideas. And I wanted to do it all.

B_C: I remember at 14 actually discovering Dream Catalogue and seeing artists like HKE, 2814, and your music as Remember, and sort of feeling similarly back in 2015. I recall having an almost psychedelic experience while listening to Route Back Home on a long car ride to New Jersey. How did we get from Skrillex to Dream Catalogue?

Remember: Well during my teens I spent a lot of time, an unhealthy amount looking back, on 4chan. I discovered a lot of music there, including the genre vaporwave. I loved everything I was hearing. Sample manipulation that really pushed either a warm nostalgic theme, or something very cold and dystopian. Naturally I found my way to Dream Catalogue, who had maybe only 30 releases or so at the time and I fell in love. I loved the concept of dreams rather than albums, how every album was so different and taking a unique perspective to genre.

Remember – ‘Route Back Home’

B_C: Who or what are your greatest non musical inspirations? And in what ways do they manifest themselves in your work?

Remember: The biggest non-musical inspiration is definitely the world around me. Be it rural nature, or the big city. A place full of people, or a place with not a person in sight. Using the shapes and colours move music in a certain way. This idea is majorly key with Remember, especially when trying to convey the both expansive but claustrophobic nature of cities.

B_C: You’ve also made a couple of plug-ins for Ableton. Do you have any background in computer science or technology in some way?

Remember: I don’t really have a background in that sort of stuff, but I guess I have always had a nerdy interest in such things. My M4L plugins making developed at university, which resulted in said plugins and a home built MIDI controller. It’s not something I’m super serious about but I do love making Max devices, especially once you start making music with them. It’s very rewarding to create sounds from devices that you put together yourself.

B_C: What are your plans for music going forward?

Remember: Well the new Remember album is almost done. I’m just looking for time to record a few collaborators in mind. Once I have their parts recorded, the album will be mixed and mastered. This album is very different to anything I’ve done before as Remember so I’m trying to make it as best as I can. All in good time. I have some little secret projects I’m working on to, which may or not be revealed…we shall see. After the new Remember album is out and done. I have no idea where to take the project. I’ll probably take it in another wildly different direction.

Remember, otherwise known as Jude Frankum, is a resident of Dream Catalogue and has released albums ‘Route Back Home’ and ‘The City Is My Friend’ with the label.

BROKEN_CANYON is a resident of Dream Catalogue, specialising in her signature brand art and music known as ‘the mektrix’.