BROKEN_CANYON readies new album ‘The Things You Did To Me’

New York avant-garde artist BROKEN_CANYON will introduce herself to the DREAM Network with new album ‘The Things You Did To Me’, via Dream Catalogue’s secondary imprint Eternal Fortune London on Monday, 5th August.

Recently announced as a Dream Catalogue RESIDENT, the curator of ‘the mektrix’, as she is known, will drop her first full length album following the relaunch of Dream Catalogue on Eternal Fortune London.

The album sees a return to the artist’s earlier work and influences – a more ambient and considered work that pulls from dreampunk ideas, with less of the abrasive sound she produced in more recent releases such as Dethblade, and also away from the more techno-oriented work such as her PYRAMIDS drop from earlier this year, ‘Drain’, showing off her eclectic range as an artist.

Thematically, ‘The Things You Did To Me’ sees the young artist reflect on the troubles and emotional turbulence experienced in her youth, with personal tales of emotional distress reincarnated within the music.

You can preview a track from the release with ‘In My Room’, a guitar-led ambient meditation to drift on:

The release of this new album follows last week’s reissue of w u s o 命’s dreampunk classic ‘Lonely Streets’ on Eternal Fortune London, and likewise will have a run of limited edition cassettes to coincide with the drop, with the cassette templates designed by in-house designer, Nicol.