HKE announced changes on tonight’s episode of Canvas.

‘Thinking About F@#K!NG About,’ boldly states the title for episode #99.777. The Pharaoh of Dream Catalogue comes on alone to clear his head, and to announce some big movements being made. Teasing some new staff members, he eases into his LiveStream, taking notes as he goes.

After some deliberation on the duality of music, HKE has decided to restore the balance via the installation of two divisions of Dream Music: Red v Blue. The former will be focusing on the subjective, intellectually rigorous landscape, yet uncharted – where Flap will find its nest, curated by HKE himself. The latter, Blue, will be curated by Halo Acid, and will house a steady stream of releases focused on aesthetics – an objective direction towards true beauty.

As important as this restructuring of Dream Catalogue as a music label was the announcement of Shima33 as the new acting General Manager; a role well-fitted for the energetic socialite.

This leaves Nicol in an entirely new role: as Lead Designer of Dream Catalogue’s fashion wing. More to come on that in the following [REDACTED].

Lastly, he announces the presence of Vanya – someone who has been in close contact with the Pharaoh for a few years now – who will be joining Dream Catalogue to direct their expansions into new artistic mediums, and will lead the vision of the site, acting under the title Director of Arts.

Keep tuned into the Dream Catalogue twitter for further developments, as the company transforms itself into a Lucid Arts Multi-Media Corporation, entering the 2020s with a Roar.

Canvas #100 around the corner.