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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Thoughts On Wong Kar Wai @ 13th October 2019, 5:54am, by HKE

From my perspective: art, criticism, pontificating, expression, discussion, reflection, magic, emojism, and so on, to the end of data, are by and large of the same nature...

INTERVIEW: Coldboy opens up on his future after the window fall

As reported here on dreamcatalogue.com a few weeks ago, the young music virtuoso Coldboy (a.k.a Somnus / Pyravid) recently fell out of a window from a third...
Remember interview with BROKEN_CANYON


The start of a new series in where BROKEN_CANYON, an artist with a rising profile in her own right, sits down with other artists for personalised interviews.

The Wushimi Complex – ‘Careful Approach’

The heels of boots on marble floor in the lobby. The lights are off. Stacks of servers om in the floors above...

HKE – ‘Dreampunk Dreams’