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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Eulalie – ‘Car Blinker’

Eulalie arrives on Dream Catalogue with this intriguing piece. Hailing from Japan, Eulalie's approach to music is different to the usual offerings - Dreamy vocals and synths...

Dr. Nakano – Nefertiti’s Eyes

The elusive Dr. Nakano first appeared on Dream Catalogue last year with his cyber-prog debut 'Holographic World' and after returning to the shadows he re-emerges for a...

HKE / Halo Acid – Lucid Era

HKE awakens from the flap fever dream to give birth to the 'Lucid Era' with long-time collaborator Halo Acid on this brand new transcendental cut.
M - #LUCID album cover

M drops debut album ‘#LUCID’

After a year of anticipation, flap superstar M drops his debut album '#LUCID' today, exclusively available on DREAMSTORE. Flap is the chaotic neo-futurist rap...

Shinatama & Sangam – ‘Connect to Me’

The ever-enigmatic Shinatama creeps back into Dream Catalogue's present, mired in shadowy mystery and carrying with him a USB flash drive. "Upload this", he says. I plug...

Fentanyl Embrace – Symphony Vague #1

A brand new project, Fentanyl Embrace debuts with first ever song 'Symphony Vague #1' here for DREAMTRAX, a looping synth strings piece that is as comforting as...

CRYOSAUNA – ‘Fragility’

The Net Century-based CRYOSAUNA makes his arrival to DREAM with this opening gambit - Fragility is the name, but the track is anything but. Hauntingly brilliant with...

LILLITH twin drops new album ‘of flame & love’

Dream Catalogue RESIDENT and legend of the dream scene in his own right, LILLITH twin returns with ‘of flame & love’, his first release on the label...

Lila Tirando a Violeta, Bruised Skies and Ganz Feld on NTS Radio

Taking over the Dream Catalogue monthly residency on NTS 1 this month, Lila, Bruised Skies and recently announced DREAM resident Ganz Feld took to the airwaves

Tinmixer – New World

Like its Nouveau Life classic namesake, Tinmixer's 'New World' hearkens back to antiquated visions of globalised technological bliss. It's hazy and progressive journey crescendos into midi saxophones...

Wei – ‘Sky’

The sky is the colour of Wei. You race through this world at a million miles an hour, never thinking to slow...

Eulalie – ‘Car Blinker’

HKE2083 – ‘FLAP’