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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Chie Otomi – ‘Lotus Flower’

Chie Otomi, previously known for releasing on Muzan Editions, arrives on Dream Catalogue with "Lotus Flower". The Osaka-based artist caught the attention of DREAM not too long...

M/V: Tester 3 – ‘Physical’

Tester 3, one of the most notorious testers involved in 'The Test Streams' in 2018, has appeared out of nowhere with a brand new single and accompanying...

Sangam drops new album ‘This Evening’

Having earned a reputation as one of the leading ambient producers around in recent years, after myriad drops that span dozens of underground labels, Sangam returns to...

HKE / Halo Acid – Lucid Era

HKE awakens from the flap fever dream to give birth to the 'Lucid Era' with long-time collaborator Halo Acid on this brand new transcendental cut.
Yoshimi - Fragile [Cover]

Yoshimi drops new album ‘Fragile’ on digital and limited edition cassette

Yoshimi premiered his new album 'Fragile' earlier tonight, releasing it via Dream Catalogue digitally and as a limited edition of 50 red cassettes, with artwork and layout...

Jackson Ford – Igneus Wisp

Another fresh name from Dream Catalogue's demo inbox. Australian newcomer Jackson Ford serves up a slice of off kilter insanity with this avant-garde ambient piece. A looping...

Iona Dream – Damnation

The first artist to make a second appearance on DREAMTRAX, Iona Dream returns with new track 'Damnation', as per a special request by HKE who will be...

H U I – Luna

London-based newcomer H U I, recently unearthed by HKE and Halo Acid in the latest round of talent scouting, makes a memorable first impression with this swirling...

BROKEN_CANYON drops ‘The Things You Did To Me’ on limited edition cassette

BROKEN_CANYON has released her new album 'The Things You Did To Me' on limited edition cassette via Dream Catalogue label imprint, Eternal Fortune London.


So lost for words right now that we don't know what to say about this one other than hashtag intervapeur. LEGIO X's 'MEDIEVAL KAOS'...

Wei – ‘Sky’

The sky is the colour of Wei. You race through this world at a million miles an hour, never thinking to slow...

Eulalie – ‘Car Blinker’

HKE2083 – ‘FLAP’