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Thursday, December 12, 2019

M/V: Lila Tirando A Violeta – ‘Noche Totem’

Lila Tirando A Violeta has released a brand new music video for her new track alongside Absyss 'Noche' You can watch the video directed...

Sangam – Say Isn’t So

Sangam, the master of melancholy drones, returns with yet another dip into his personal world of rain-soaked heartbreak ambience with 'Say Isn't So' for DREAMTRAX, proving that...

LILLITH twin drops new album ‘of flame & love’

Dream Catalogue RESIDENT and legend of the dream scene in his own right, LILLITH twin returns with ‘of flame & love’, his first release on the label...

MOD-COMM 81 – Flapres

FLAP liberation continues to spread throughout the dream ecosystem as techno mogul MOD-COMM 81 integrates flappy bird stylings into his latest limiter-pushing jam 'Flapres'. Proving a solid...

AUT2M – Cracked Ice

While you may be expecting some kind of slamming 140 BPM'er from AUT2M's DREAMTRAX debut here, 'Cracked Ice' still provides the deep bass the Dutch producer is...

M – Flap-Tech

As soon as the debut album drops, flap samurai M is back within the space of a few days with a brand new single and something of...

Tinmixer – New World

Like its Nouveau Life classic namesake, Tinmixer's 'New World' hearkens back to antiquated visions of globalised technological bliss. It's hazy and progressive journey crescendos into midi saxophones...

Fentanyl Embrace – Symphony Vague #1

A brand new project, Fentanyl Embrace debuts with first ever song 'Symphony Vague #1' here for DREAMTRAX, a looping synth strings piece that is as comforting as...

Ross Khmil presents Chaos Era Essential Mix, on Black Market Trade

https://soundcloud.com/dreamcatalogue/ross-khmil-bmt-chaos-era-essential-mix Ross Khmil, the Ukrainian guitarist, artist and producer who debuted on Dream Catalogue late last year with the raw and progressive...

Lila Tirando a Violeta, Bruised Skies and Ganz Feld on NTS Radio

Taking over the Dream Catalogue monthly residency on NTS 1 this month, Lila, Bruised Skies and recently announced DREAM resident Ganz Feld took to the airwaves

Wei – ‘Sky’

The sky is the colour of Wei. You race through this world at a million miles an hour, never thinking to slow...

Eulalie – ‘Car Blinker’

HKE2083 – ‘FLAP’