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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Latest news and updates, including recent additions to DREAMSTORE.

Dream Catalogue announces that all cassette runs are now limited edition

Speaking from his new Instagram account, latest Dream Catalogue staff appointee Halo Acid has announced a brand new initiative to return all cassette runs on the record...

New cassette drops from LILLITH twin and w u s o 命

Two new cassettes have landed on DREAMSTORE, from Dream Catalogue resident artists LILLITH twin and w u s o 命. LILLITH twin arrives with...
2814 Birth of a Nu Era bundle

‘BIRTH OF A NU ERA’ Bundle, now available on DREAMSTORE

2814's 'BIRTH OF A NU ERA' bundle is now available from DREAMSTORE, marking the opening of the new Dream Catalogue website and the start of the NU...

Remember – ‘The City Is My Friend’ on 12″ yellow vinyl available on DREAMSTORE

Remember's massive 2018 album 'The City Is My Friend' is now available on DREAMSTORE, in both black and yellow 12" vinyl. Housing the vinyl,...

HKE’s ‘Aesthetic 2013-2018’ available now on cassette

HKE's 'Aesthetic 2013-2018' which capped off a five year stretch of the artist's career at the end of last year is presently available to purchase on cassette...

House of the Leg reissues MOD-COMM 81’s ‘Join Us’

House of the Leg label head MOD-COMM 81 has reissued his Tekres classic 'Join Us' on cassette through his own imprint, citing...

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