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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The latest news and updates from The DREAM Network – all labels and associated artists with Dream Catalogue, from DREAM sub-labels such as Nirvana Port and TKX, to associates such as House Of The Leg, Kudatah, Antifur and many others.

Dream Catalogue showcase announced in London for September

A Dream Catalogue showcase in association with Edited Arts will take place in London on September 28th, at new up and coming venue The Glove That Fits.

BROKEN_CANYON readies new album ‘The Things You Did To Me’

New York avant-garde artist BROKEN_CANYON will introduce herself to the DREAM Network with new album 'The Things You Did To Me', via Dream Catalogue's secondary imprint Eternal...

Hollow Point One opens doors with compilation album

Hollow Point One - a new label that has burst on to the scene in recent weeks, proclaiming to be an 'intervapeur' label, has opened its doors...

TKX set to re-open imminently

TKX is set to open for business again today, with the relaunch of HKE's first ever side label to happen imminently, after a rush of movement behind...

Pixelord releases new album ‘CYBERДЯДЯ’ on vinyl

Pixelord has followed up last year's Dream Catalogue release 'Hypnorave' with a return to his own record label, Hyperboloid, dropping his new album 'CYBERДЯДЯ' on 12" vinyl.

House of the Leg drop ‘In Search Of More’ by Take Back Thee Nite

Newcastle-based House of the Leg have taken over the dance music underground as one of the leading imprints for experimental house and techno in the past few...

チェスマスター re-opens TKX with ‘Cultivation Of The Flesh’

Stream and download ‘Cultivation Of The Flesh’ by チェスマスター on DREAMSTORE It’s been a rough few years for Keito Shimuguchi, also known as Chesumasuta...

Black Records reissue Jude Frankum EP ‘Leaf’ on cassette

One of the more daring and interesting start-ups operating on the fringes of the sonic vanguard, Black Records have taken something of a swerve from their more...

Synth-Punk Act Free Refills drop debut album

Free Refills, the California punk band that arose in the past year, dropped their long awaited debut album with the release of 'Raw Steak Black Coffee' earlier...

Eternal Fortune London reissues classic w u s o 命 album ‘Lonely Streets’

Dream Catalogue imprint Eternal Fortune London has reissued the classic w u s o 2016 album 'Lonely Streets', one of the original monuments of the dreampunk sound.

CLOUDBURST #2: HKE / Halo Acid – ‘Lucid Era’

Described as HKE finally waking up from his "flap fever dream" by a Dream Catalogue staffer in its promotional post, 'Lucid Era'...