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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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All the latest news and events from Dream Catalogue, residents and all other associated record labels and artists.

Black Records reissue Jude Frankum EP ‘Leaf’ on cassette

One of the more daring and interesting start-ups operating on the fringes of the sonic vanguard, Black Records have taken something of a swerve from their more...

Pixelord releases new album ‘CYBERДЯДЯ’ on vinyl

Pixelord has followed up last year's Dream Catalogue release 'Hypnorave' with a return to his own record label, Hyperboloid, dropping his new album 'CYBERДЯДЯ' on 12" vinyl.

Dream Catalogue announces that all cassette runs are now limited edition

Speaking from his new Instagram account, latest Dream Catalogue staff appointee Halo Acid has announced a brand new initiative to return all cassette runs on the record...

BROKEN_CANYON readies new album ‘The Things You Did To Me’

New York avant-garde artist BROKEN_CANYON will introduce herself to the DREAM Network with new album 'The Things You Did To Me', via Dream Catalogue's secondary imprint Eternal...

Shima33 drops ‘FADING’ cassette on No Problema Tapes

Dream Catalogue RESIDENT Shima33 has just brought his new album to cassette via Chilean label No Problema Tapes. The mad scientist serves up 14...

Supreme Guinea Fowl drops ‘Maverick’ on premier flap label Jah’s Imprint

Veteran flapper SUPREME GUINEA FOWL (a.k.a Yung Doddi) has unleashed a new 5-track EP on one of the founding labels of the flap movement, Jah's Imprint. 'Maverick' builds upon the...

Jude Frankum a.k.a Remember to drop ‘Leaf’ EP cassette in August

Jude Frankum (a.k.a Remember) has announced that his 2018 EP 'Leaf' will be seeing a physical release on Black Records on August 4th. The...

VIDEO: Lila Tirando A Violeta unveils music video for ‘Noche Totem’

Lila Tirando A Violeta has released a brand new music video for her new track alongside Absyss 'Noche' You can watch the video directed...

Kagami Smile drops ‘Dream Architecture’ cassette on Vacuum PRESS

Kagami Smile has released his new album 'Dream Architecture' on Seoul based cassette label Vacuum PRESS today, featuring 7 fresh cuts from the Illinois based producer.

Hiraeth Records opens doors with new Telepath and 猫 シ Corp. record

Dutch vaporwave stalwart 猫 シ Corp. has opened his brand new record label Hiraeth Records with long time collaborator Telepath, debuting the imprint with a joint record...

House of the Leg reissues MOD-COMM 81’s ‘Join Us’

House of the Leg label head MOD-COMM 81 has reissued his Tekres classic 'Join Us' on cassette through his own imprint, citing...

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