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Monday, November 18, 2019
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All the latest news and events from Dream Catalogue, residents and all other associated record labels and artists.

Halo Acid joins Dream Catalogue staff in full time role

Halo Acid has joined the Dream Catalogue staff in a full time capacity, to help provide creative oversight, stylistic guidance and other services as part of the...
New Shoppe - Dream Catalogue Resident artist


Hailing from Los Angeles, New Shoppe exists right on the edge of the experimental, belonging to the SYNOPLEX with his self-proclaimed “schizo gonzo” approach to art and...

VIDEO: Lila Tirando A Violeta unveils music video for ‘Noche Totem’

Lila Tirando A Violeta has released a brand new music video for her new track alongside Absyss 'Noche' You can watch the video directed...

Shima33 drops new ambient tune ‘Too Far Gone’

Recently announced as a Dream Catalogue RESIDENT, Shima33 is gearing up for a release on Chilean cassette label No Problema Tapes and has dropped a strange, melting...
Facechain - Dream Catalogue Residents

RESIDENTS: Facechain

Functioning somewhere in the centre of where the pendulum of art and fashion swings, Facechain’s abstract-outsider approach to dub techno and ambient music has earned him immediate...


Unable to be locked down by styles and trends, the Shima33 brand (commonly known as just ‘Shima’) is always a guarantee to expect the unexpected – musically,...


Taking an atavistic and mystical approach, Yoshimi Hishida’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland, Japan, relative to the modern world, exploring the dichotomy between...

HKE’s ‘Aesthetic 2013-2018’ available now on cassette

HKE's 'Aesthetic 2013-2018' which capped off a five year stretch of the artist's career at the end of last year is presently available to purchase on cassette...
Yoshimi - Fragile [Cover]

Yoshimi to release new album ‘Fragile’ on Dream Catalogue on Thursday

From the opening seconds of 'Fragile' with radio static interference and dipping synths that merge into unexpected percussive tones, Yoshimi makes his intention known: his new album...
Kagami Smile - 'Pool of Light' album cover

Kagami Smile to release new album ‘Pool of Light’

Returning to Dream Catalogue from last year's effort, 'Anxiety,' and a sling of off-label releases, Kagami Smile punctuates the silence with his brand of high BPM space-deconstruction...

The Career of No Death: Purveyor Of Ambient

The No Death project is one of the most interesting not only within drone and general electronic music but also through its...

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