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Friday, January 24, 2020
Facechain - Dream Catalogue Residents

RESIDENTS: Facechain

Functioning somewhere in the centre of where the pendulum of art and fashion swings, Facechain’s abstract-outsider approach to dub techno and ambient music has earned him immediate...
New Shoppe - Dream Catalogue Resident artist


Hailing from Los Angeles, New Shoppe exists right on the edge of the experimental, belonging to the SYNOPLEX with his self-proclaimed “schizo gonzo” approach to art and...

Nicol storms off Parley Radio, show changes apparently coming

Nicol, Dream Catalogue's new general manager and the host of weekly Thursday-night Youtube radio series 'Parley Radio' abruptly ended yesterday evening's show with a small tirade.

Kagami Smile drops ‘Dream Architecture’ cassette on Vacuum PRESS

Kagami Smile has released his new album 'Dream Architecture' on Seoul based cassette label Vacuum PRESS today, featuring 7 fresh cuts from the Illinois based producer.
Halo Acid - Dream Catalogue resident artist


Born and raised in London’s inner city, Halo Acid creates music that resembles the cosmopolitan frenzy of his own upbringing, a life of real struggle in constant...

Lila considers retiring from live touring

Uruguayan experimental artist Lila Tirando a Violeta has let it be known via her social media accounts that she is considering retiring from live touring to focus...


2814 is the collaborative project of original music by the artists HKE and t e l e p a t h. The duo first formed in the...

HKE’s ‘Aesthetic 2013-2018’ available now on cassette

HKE's 'Aesthetic 2013-2018' which capped off a five year stretch of the artist's career at the end of last year is presently available to purchase on cassette...

Pixelord releases new album ‘CYBERДЯДЯ’ on vinyl

Pixelord has followed up last year's Dream Catalogue release 'Hypnorave' with a return to his own record label, Hyperboloid, dropping his new album 'CYBERДЯДЯ' on 12" vinyl.

Dream Catalogue showcase announced in London for September

A Dream Catalogue showcase in association with Edited Arts will take place in London on September 28th, at new up and coming venue The Glove That Fits.

SINGLE: CVLTVRE – ‘New Brain Facility’

Listen below to 'New Brain Facility', the lead single from the new CVLTVRE album, 'NEW', which releases on Dream Catalogue on January...

M/V: CVLTVRE – ‘Tiles’