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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


All the latest formal announcements on Dream Catalogue artists and related associates

Eternal Fortune London reissues classic w u s o 命 album ‘Lonely Streets’

Dream Catalogue imprint Eternal Fortune London has reissued the classic w u s o 2016 album 'Lonely Streets', one of the original monuments of the dreampunk sound.

New cassette drops from LILLITH twin and w u s o 命

Two new cassettes have landed on DREAMSTORE, from Dream Catalogue resident artists LILLITH twin and w u s o 命. LILLITH twin arrives with...

RESIDENTS: w u s o 命

With the explosion of dreampunk artists that came out of the original wave in 2015-onwards, Canadian artist w u s o 命 has proven himself one of...

PREVIEW: LILLITH – ‘In Our Hands (ft. Ganz Feld’), from new album ‘of flame...

As announced last week, LILLITH twin makes his return to Dream Catalogue with brand new album 'of flame & love', to be released this Thursday on DREAMSTORE.

チェスマスター re-opens TKX with ‘Cultivation Of The Flesh’

Stream and download ‘Cultivation Of The Flesh’ by チェスマスター on DREAMSTORE It’s been a rough few years for Keito Shimuguchi, also known as Chesumasuta...

TKX set to re-open imminently

TKX is set to open for business again today, with the relaunch of HKE's first ever side label to happen imminently, after a rush of movement behind...


Unable to be locked down by styles and trends, the Shima33 brand (commonly known as just ‘Shima’) is always a guarantee to expect the unexpected – musically,...

LILLITH twin to release new album ‘of flame & love’

One of the latest additions to Dream Catalogue’s RESIDENTS list and a legend of the label in his own right, LILLITH twin is set to release new...

Dream Catalogue showcase announced in London for September

A Dream Catalogue showcase in association with Edited Arts will take place in London on September 28th, at new up and coming venue The Glove That Fits.


At the vanguard of sonic experimentation stands LILLITH twin – a longstanding Dream Catalogue artist who has been with the label since the very beginning, releasing his...

The Career of No Death: Purveyor Of Ambient

The No Death project is one of the most interesting not only within drone and general electronic music but also through its...

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