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Monday, November 18, 2019

CLOUDBURST #7: Sebastian Ruslan – ‘sæglópur’

A friend sent me this, under the assumption that I would love it – considering my fondness for Sigur Rós – but upon listening, I've found myself...

CLOUDBURST #6: Kate Malanaphy – ‘Honey’

Kate first linked me this song nearly three years ago – and I've scarcely talked with her since then. Curiosity, as it often does, ensnared me in...

CLOUDBURST #5: fdsdf – ‘Cast Light’

EDM motifs fall in and out of rotation on this track – swooping all over with a scream comes Noise – drowning, drowning under a halo. Walking...

CLOUDBURST #4: A M A I – ‘confetti kiss’

Subtitled 'second chances,' this deconstructed-trap takes on wistful remembrance and recovery – charming with its distant synths and abrasive percussion, cozied amidst the curvature of sampled piano...


This track, SKYBLEED, recently surfaced from the slim backlog of illusive dilettante producer—Castel is a mystic’s shiver. A cheap but nearly-Miltonian sonic poem, chasing the moonlight, a black robe...

CLOUDBURST #2: HKE / Halo Acid – ‘Lucid Era’

Described as HKE finally waking up from his "flap fever dream" by a Dream Catalogue staffer in its promotional post, 'Lucid Era' perfectly exhibits the artist's special...

CLOUDBURST #1: Blush Monet – ‘Coin Party’

This new track from Blush Monet, a SoundCloud artisan three tracks deep into his career as a bungling internet producer, shows glimpses of light beyond — it...

DTRX15: HKE / Halo Acid – Lucid Era

HKE awakens from the flap fever dream to give birth to the 'Lucid Era' with long-time collaborator Halo Acid on this brand new transcendental cut.

DTRX14: Jackson Ford – Igneus Wisp

Another fresh name from Dream Catalogue's demo inbox. Australian newcomer Jackson Ford serves up a slice of off kilter insanity with this avant-garde ambient piece. A looping...

DTRX13: Iona Dream – Damnation

The first artist to make a second appearance on DREAMTRAX, Iona Dream returns with new track 'Damnation', as per a special request by HKE who will be...

The Career of No Death: Purveyor Of Ambient

The No Death project is one of the most interesting not only within drone and general electronic music but also through its...

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