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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Parley Radio, Episode 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lx_xu2seSg The latest episode of the weekly Youtube-based radio series, Parley Radio. With Dream Catalogue's new general manager, Nicol, as host.

History of Shima (Part 2)

Shima33 has just released the second part of his 'History of Shima' series, detailing the story of his life from birth up to the present day, edited...

Lila Tirando a Violeta, Bruised Skies and Ganz Feld on NTS Radio

Taking over the Dream Catalogue monthly residency on NTS 1 this month, Lila, Bruised Skies and recently announced DREAM resident Ganz Feld took to the airwaves

Ross Khmil presents Chaos Era Essential Mix, on Black Market Trade

https://soundcloud.com/dreamcatalogue/ross-khmil-bmt-chaos-era-essential-mix Ross Khmil, the Ukrainian guitarist, artist and producer who debuted on Dream Catalogue late last year with the raw and progressive...

The History of Dream Catalogue – Episode 4: First Transgressions (The Dream Era pt....

In this episode, breaking off from 'The Vapor Era' and initiating 'The Dream Era' with a new show format, HKE details the aftermath of the DREAM_31 compilation...

What Will AI Think Of Us? [CANVAS #50]

In this episode of CANVAS, HKE and Shima discuss the topic "What will AI think of us?", evolving the conversation into topics such as evolution, purpose, self-preservation,...

The Career of No Death: Purveyor Of Ambient

The No Death project is one of the most interesting not only within drone and general electronic music but also through its...

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