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Thursday, December 12, 2019

CLOUDBURST #1: Blush Monet – ‘Coin Party’

This new track from Blush Monet, a SoundCloud artisan three tracks deep into his career as a bungling internet producer, shows glimpses of light beyond — it...

Huawei OS, by anon.

2020An interstateOpen a lucid dreamAssimilation of mind into dataBecome present 2030She is older nowWearing oversized sunglassesHolding hands thru the parkHuawei OS


THE NU WORLD As producers of products - of art, music, writing, whatever - we find ourselves going into the next decade locked within...

CLOUDBURST #2: HKE / Halo Acid – ‘Lucid Era’

Described as HKE finally waking up from his "flap fever dream" by a Dream Catalogue staffer in its promotional post, 'Lucid Era' perfectly exhibits the artist's special...

Distant, by Vanya

They really have no clue. Their gold bliss I could annihilate, in one night, leaving a hollow so round and true that there would be no completion...

Dipp’d and swoop’d is to FLAP what chopped and screwed was to rap

One Winged Angel has burst on to the scene with abyssal edits of contemporary flap bangers. The DREAM Soundcloud page has premiered his biggest hit to date,...


This track, SKYBLEED, recently surfaced from the slim backlog of illusive dilettante producer—Castel is a mystic’s shiver. A cheap but nearly-Miltonian sonic poem, chasing the moonlight, a black robe...

Tales from the Woman with a Massive Chicken #1: A Poem

You thought you could get rid of me? That your handsome face and beautiful eyes took me in? You could swallow my heart and soul? My mind? My seed? No. I drunk all ten of...

Topical Creme #1: Thoughts on Facechain’s Mikkalanjlo

By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

CLOUDBURST #4: A M A I – ‘confetti kiss’

Subtitled 'second chances,' this deconstructed-trap takes on wistful remembrance and recovery – charming with its distant synths and abrasive percussion, cozied amidst the curvature of sampled piano...

Wei – ‘Sky’

The sky is the colour of Wei. You race through this world at a million miles an hour, never thinking to slow...

Eulalie – ‘Car Blinker’

HKE2083 – ‘FLAP’