CLOUDBURST #2: HKE / Halo Acid – ‘Lucid Era’

Described as HKE finally waking up from his “flap fever dream” by a Dream Catalogue staffer in its promotional post, ‘Lucid Era’ perfectly exhibits the artist’s special knack for reducing himself to reptilian-like assimilation when needs be. Void of authenticity, ‘Lucid Era’ is anything but a reflection of what its title suggests, seeing HKE return to the anxiety-inspired cinematic qualities of the dreampunk movement he helped define in the mid-2010’s with this routine parlour trick of a song. Through this we see his own vesti la giubba moment – the tears of a clown dressed in neon purple and blue, begging for help on a rain-soaked street; to be heard by no one in this damned city, as none of the sleepwalking citizens glued into their VR helmets can read the Japanese kanji subtitles. There is nothing here but vapid aesthetic appreciation. The track is an embarrassment to the increasingly relevant Halo Acid, whose authentic raw vision is drowned out by HKE’s sociopathic production tricks – giant pads, screaming leads and epic reverbs that have been carefully crafted to make the pack of dumb dogs drunk on a decade of fear-perpetuating escapist media bark on command. It’s time that HKE quits reflecting on these past mistakes, becomes #lucid and returns to the erroneously dubbed “flap fever dream”, which is, in fact, a notable strand of DNA within the genome of our new waking reality. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Good morning!”

Written by Lucid HKE