This track, SKYBLEED, recently surfaced from the slim backlog of illusive dilettante producer—Castel is a mystic’s shiver. A cheap but nearly-Miltonian sonic poem, chasing the moonlight, a black robe emerging from some sleepless Faustian folktale written in blood on the last page of a tattered notebook found on the floor of an ancient occulthouse—Mist and Anathema. Within the visceral and often clipped out mix we hear eleven minutes of blathering samples taken from chants of Solomon—which once meant something, but here are reduced to nostalgic dust along with a winding and dissonant synth pad. And with this an altar attempts to form itself noisily, in the mill of a once-terrene Sensibilia, yearning desperately to scream something. But little is ever heard from this unimaginative display of droning plunderphonics. It simply wants to be more than it is.

Written by Wilhelm Blush