CVLTVRE unleashes his latest album ‘NEW’

Dream Catalogue legend CVLTVRE is back for the first drop of the new decade, with ‘NEW’ (in all caps). Full of references to the chaotic tapestry of work the artist developed in the 2010s, and allusions to the future of the 2020s – this intervapeur re-awakening of the Paris-based artist as a genuine craftsman, from the haze of drunken vaporwave antics of the past decade, sees him devise a wholly original work of detuned FM synthesis that one could mistake for sampling without a keen ear, blended masterfully with splatters of vapour.

‘NEW’ is intervapeur prime, bringing the listener into a post-vaporwave world where the mythical utopian capitalist bliss has melted into goo, that you can touch. As such, the album simultaneously acts as both an epilogue and prologue – the end of one era and the beginning of another, as CVLTVRE looks set to brace the new decade with the ideas he perfected during the absurd dream of the 2010s in his development as an artist.

Available now on CD, digital and streaming formats. CD is limited run of 50.