One Winged Angel has burst on to the scene with abyssal edits of contemporary flap bangers. The DREAM Soundcloud page has premiered his biggest hit to date, with ‘Milli’d’, a dipp’d and swoop’d edit.

Chopped and screwed, made famous by Houston’s DJ Screw in the 90’s with his numerous mixtapes of slowed down rap music edits, proved to be a big influence on vaporwave artists going in to the early 2010’s.

Now OWA has entered the high altitude zone and pulled flap beyond the o-zone layer… we’re losing gravity……

One Winged Angel – Milli’d

Here we have ‘Milli’d’, a deep traverse through select loops from the recent flap banger ‘Big Milli’ by M and Flapzilla’.

Though the track is huge and clocks in at a progressive seven minutes in length, it is made up of 4 and 8 bar loops from the original track, creating a meditative and almost om-like atmosphere.

On the style, One Winged Angel says: “If flap is so deep when the flappers are flying high then I’m ripping these tracks off the earth and into outer space by the same logic. I dipp’d the tracks in the dark and throw them out towards new galaxies…”