Speaking from his new Instagram account, latest Dream Catalogue staff appointee Halo Acid has announced a brand new initiative to return all cassette runs on the record label and its various imprints to limited edition runs, effective immediately.

While Dream Catalogue was known for its limited edition cassette runs in its formative years, the label has moved to keeping a continuous flow of cassette production in recent years as operations have expanded.

With Halo’s decree, an emphasis on vinyl production will now take precedence, with cassette runs returning to being products of limited quantity for the most ardent collectors.

Speaking on his new Instagram account via a post, he wrote:

As part of the new Dream Catalogue full time staff, I have taken the initiative to implement policy changes after discussions with the rest of the team. The first of these, I am pleased to announce, is a return to limited edition cassette runs. While Dream Catalogue has been known for its cassette releases through the years, we have agreed as a team, after propositions I have made, to put more emphasis in to vinyl productions and allow the return of cassettes to being limited edition products for our most ardent fans and collectors. So as of today, all cassettes present avalable for sale on DREAMSTORE, as well as all future cassette releases on Dream Catalogue and all its various imprints, will be limited edition runs. We will shortly present a list of all remaining quantites available on our current products.

As per Halo’s instruction, Dream Catalogue will be publicly issuing the remaining quantity of cassettes available for each product in the near future.

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