Dream Catalogue has relaunched today as a corporation, transforming itself from a record label into a larger corporation.

The label was originally opened in January 2014 by HKE as a small passion project, before growing into becoming one of the most successful independent record labels of the decade, helping launch the careers of artists like Telepath, Remember, Halo Acid and HKE himself, along with many others.

Going into the 2020’s, Dream Catalogue is announcing its intention to offer the leading platform to global underground music, art, literature, film and fashion, with the corporation operating on multiple fronts including the launch of the new Dream Catalogue website and the DREAMSTORE sub-site, in which the entirety of Dream Catalogue and its sub-labels are available.

There are also plans to roll out further hosted labels on DREAMSTORE in the coming weeks, which will be announced right here when they go live.

Added to this, a new concept has been formed in RESIDENTS, highlighting and promoting the premier talents on Dream Catalogue – with more to be unveiled each day over the coming weeks.

Another new concept premiering is the beginning of TRAX – a series of singles to be released every week before eventually being grouped as a seasonal compilation series.

Along with the overall restructure, there has been a huge backroom staff overhaul. Coming in as the new general manager of the label is Nicol, who formerly ran the record label OKO Sound. Nicol, who is also a designer and artist in his own right, will be overseeing the day to day duties of the label itself.

While former general manager HKE has now officially stepped down from his position, he will remain part of the overall team running the label, providing creative vision and marketing strategies as pharaoh of the corporation.

A further backroom staff to handle the new website, the newsdesk and store has also joined the ship, while other team members working in different areas will be announced in the coming months.