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Dream Catalogue shut-down, final schedule


Here is the upcoming release schedule for Dream Catalogue.

After this, Dream Catalogue will be closing down and going on indefinite hiatus.
This will begin on January 29th 2021, the 7-year anniversary of the label.

  • The company will remain active in the background, in terms of stocking, selling and shipping physical goods, and keeping up with artist royalty payments and licensing requests
  • Season 1 of ‘Dream Ultima’ has been postponed indefinitely
  • ‘The Dream Catalogue Podcast’ has now also concluded
  • The website will be re-activated soon, though we will no longer be hosting mp3 albums. Everyone who has previously bought music on there is being emailed Bandcamp download codes for all their products. Most will have received theirs already. If you’re one of the few who has not yet, please hold tight.

Mutilomaquia – ‘No matter how wet with tears the palms become, all our hopes will turn into black sludge’


Listen on Spotify

Shima accidentally set this to drop on Spotify / Apple nine days ahead of schedule. We just caught this at the last minute before putting out this schedule. Be sure to check out this album, as Mutilomaquia is a master of his craft and a name to watch in the coming years. Though brand new to the scene, he is quickly making a big splash as one of the most spectacular, forward-thinking artists in the world of dreampunk. Look out for a cassette drop of it on 28th December, and a YouTube premiere stream on Vapor Memory this evening.


  • Aside from the 2 EP’s listed here, all the following albums will be released on issues of 25 or 50 cassettes
  • There will be no represses
  • The full information for all these releases will be unveiled in the coming weeks

[26/11] This Is Dreampunk Vol. 1
[04/12] AUT2M – First Step Towards Self Destruction [EP]
[06/12] DCT – Sleep Theory (Week 1) [EP]
[10/12] Fentanyl Embrace – Cyberpunk 2020
[17/12] MOD-COMM 81 – PAGAN I + II
[28/12] Mutilomaquia – No matter how wet with tears the palms become, all our hopes will turn into black sludge [CASSETTE]
[28/12] Kagami Smile – Memory Of Cornea
[28/12] Shima33 – Missio Dei Dataforge
[28/12] Sangam – Alienated Mind


  • All the following albums will be released on issues of 25 or 50 cassettes
  • Finalised dates TBA
  • All to be released on limited edition cassettes, with no repress
  • The final new album release will be on January 29th, 2021. This is the seven year anniversary of Dream Catalogue.

Brand new albums by: Yoshimi, AUT2M, Eulalie, HKE, w u s o and Elegance of the Damned


[13/11] Hong Kong Express – Headchain 2051 / Return Of Rain
[16/11] Kagami Smile – Your Life In A Mirror
[17/11] mori_de_kurasu – Musashino
[24/11] Cyberiaaa – TIDES OF LIGHT
[25/11] LeonLS – Dance Of Vibrations
[07/12] Renja – To Find / Feels Good
[08/12] Winterquilt – Dominion Over The Earth (ft. Void Stare)
[14/12] Opa Epa – Find Me
[15/12] Galaxy Expresso – d-Bran

[4/1] –
[5/1] Dog and Fox – Anno
[9/1] Hayo – Murg
[12/1] No Death – When To Say Goodbye


[17/11] Hong Kong Community Radio – Episode 1/3
[27/11] NTS Radio Special – ‘Dream Catalogue: This Is Dreampunk’
[Dec] Hong Kong Community Radio – Episode 2/3
[Jan] Hong Kong Community Radio – Episode 3/3


  • The likely drop date for 2047 on vinyl will be early December. Stay tuned to our social media and mailouts for the exact date before it goes on sale.
  • DIAMOND DOZEN – Look out for a handful of surprise, out of nowhere ‘diamond dozen’ tape drops that have been planned in this timeframe. Only those with their eye on the ball will catch them.

[27/11] Black Friday Mega Sale
[Date TBA] Hong Kong Express – 2047 [12″ Vinyl Release – Three colour variants]


Dream Catalogue, for me, in terms of how it has been curated, has always been, for the most part, about showcasing up and coming artists who I believe to be special in some way. As someone from a fairly impoverished background who struggled for years and years to get his music noticed, in a darker time before “internet music” was even a thing, and as someone who carried that chip on his shoulder for a long time, I have always felt a deep inclination to help prop up others in the music scene when I can. So even in this last stretch there are many brand new artists to check out, some relatively unknown. Hopefully some of whom will use this as a launchpad to something bigger and better.

Thanks so much for all your support over the last 7 years, it truly means a lot to me. To all the fans, all the artists, and all the label heads and anyone else I’ve ever worked with. Words can’t fully express the depth of my gratitude.

HKE / David