Eternal Fortune London reissues classic w u s o 命 album ‘Lonely Streets’

Dream Catalogue imprint Eternal Fortune London has reissued the classic w u s o 2016 album ‘Lonely Streets’, one of the original monuments of the dreampunk sound.

With a cassetteThe album that put w u s o 命 on the map, ‘Lonely Streets’ saw the Canadian artist rise as one of the most prominent artists in the dreampunk realm back in 2016 with its original release on Nicol’s Crystaltone label, casting himself alongside the likes of 2814, Remember and HKE at the forefront of this cyberpunk-dystopia audioscape movement in the mid-2010’s onwards.

w u s o 命 – Lonely Streets

‘Lonely Streets’ is as its name suggests, a melancholic soundscape of wandering through neon cities late at night, lost in a dream in your own head, with expertly crafted sound design by the talented producer bringing the music to life. A much sought after release on cassette, it finally gets its long awaited reissue via Dream Catalogue’s imprint Eternal Fortune London, as w u s o 命 reunites with Nicol who has designed the cassette templates.

‘Lonely Streets’ is available on cassette and digital via DREAMSTORE.