Halo Acid has joined the Dream Catalogue staff in a full time capacity, to help provide creative oversight, stylistic guidance and other services as part of the further overhaul of the corporation, which has also seen London-based artist and designer Nicol arrive as general manager and lead designer.

Though a long time collaborator and associate of HKE, Halo Acid’s involvement in Dream Catalogue has become most prominent in the past year with a flurry of activity that saw him release a multitude of albums, including the highly celebrated yet controversial ‘Body Dares’, pushing him right to the forefront of the dream scene consciousness.

The ghost tech pioneer has carved a reputation as a curator through his early work as label head of Tekres, which he transferred ownership of to Lila Tirando a Violeta in 2018, helping break out the work of artists like Somnus, MOD-COMM 81 and Kagami Smile, gaining a cult following in London dance music circles and beyond.

Halo now joins Dream Catalogue in a full time role, working alongside Nicol, HKE and the rest of the new backroom staff in redeveloping the corporation going in to the 2020’s.

On the appointment, he has said: “HKE and I go back years, long before Dream Catalogue. I’ve been quietly involved with the label since the earliest days, but I suppose coming in full time as part of the backroom staff makes it all official. I’m looking forward to stamping more of my own stylistic vision as to where the label and the corporation should go in the future.”