On today’s episode of CANVAS, the live Youtube podcast hosted by HKE and Shima, the latter posed the Dream Catalogue pharaoh a question from the live audience about the potential of doing a copy of ‘I Am Chesumasuta’ on vinyl.

In response to the question, HKE stated to much shock from the audience: “Every album that has ever been released on Dream Catalogue will be released on vinyl in the next five years.”

Specifically in regards to ‘I Am Chesumasuta’, he answered, “Some [are] closer than others… But ‘I Am Chesumasuta’ is one those I’ll say: no comment.”

On the validity of the statement, he clarified, confirming that even the most obscure records on the label would eventually be pressed on vinyl. “Literally everything, even fuckin’ Floral Shoppe 2,” he said, inducing laughter in himself and Shima.

You can listen back to the full episode of CANVAS here, in which HKE and Shima answered many questions from the live audience about the future of Dream Catalogue as a corporation and the record label.