HKE2083 – ‘FLAP’

HKE2083, formerly known as HKE (A new, second HKE – not to be mistaken with Dream Catalogue founder, HKE, aka Lucid HKE), debuts on Dream Catalogue, taking after his namesake with this new single, aptly named ‘Flap’. Though ‘Flap’ deviates far away from the post-Soundcloud auto-detuned rap distorted to oblivion of what ‘Flap’ has come to be known as a cultural movement this past year, it still pleases in its melodic charm that recalls another musical prankster, in late-90’s Aphex Twin, underpinned by a static, relentless percussion track that the young HKE2083 has begun to build his own style around, carrying on some kind of absurdist tradition here. None of this write-up made any sense to you? That’s understandable.

Listen now on Spotify or Soundcloud.