Kagami Smile to release new album ‘Pool of Light’

Returning to Dream Catalogue from last year’s effort, ‘Anxiety,’ and a sling of off-label releases, Kagami Smile punctuates the silence with his brand of high BPM space-deconstruction on his new project, Pool of Light.

The album evokes delirium from city corners; the breath and the metallic walls pulsate together amidst ghost-tech and house-inspired rhythms, all converging in a smog of reverb and neon light; the percussion and side-chain leaves for stretches of distorted vocals, only to be wounded by its eventual return – suffocating, as if you were listening from the edges of a party, catching bits of conversation only for them to trail off.

‘Pool of Light’ is set to release Tuesday via Dream Catalogue on digital format. Listen to preview track ‘NIGHT SWIMMING’ now: