One of the latest additions to Dream Catalogue’s RESIDENTS list and a legend of the label in his own right, LILLITH twin is set to release new album ‘of flame & love’ via Dream Catalogue on Thursday 25th July.

To be issued as LUCID_2, ‘of flame & love’ will be the second album released on the recent relaunch of Dream Catalogue, following 2814’s ‘Lost Fragments’, and will be launched on cassette and digital, with a 12″ vinyl release due to arrive at a later date.

The album sees LILLITH twin continue his signature style of deconstructed vocal edits emerging beneath an ocean of intense electronics, further developing and mastering the production of which he has cultivated himself over the past years.

With pad arrangements that would sound almost orchestral in their progressions if not for the destroyed synths and dehumanised vocals that pull the songs apart, and uncanny melodies that cry out as if in more emotional pain than the human voices themselves, ‘of flame & love’ is perhaps the most dramatic work from the artist to date.

Having released on other labels in the scene such as BLCR and Kudatah in recent years, as well as a series of low-key drops as btttl\ngel, it is with welcome arms that LILLITH twin returns to Dream Catalogue, having last dropped on the label in 2016 with ‘(SEASON 0) HAZARD GARDEN’ the seminal debut of the LILLITH twin alias.

With an incredible album cover designed by Poeribbon, ‘of flame & love’ also features collaborations from Ganz Feld, Origami Girl and Valyri.

You can listen to preview track ‘Metal Queen’ now as a taste for ‘of flame & love’, and come back next Thursday 25th July as the album drops on cassette / digital mediums, only on DREAMSTORE.