M drops debut album ‘#LUCID’

After a year of anticipation, flap superstar M drops his debut album ‘#LUCID’ today, exclusively available on DREAMSTORE.

Flap is the chaotic neo-futurist rap music of the cyberpunk era, the near unintelligible sound of the roaring twenties soaked in reverb and distortion – and M, one of its premier progenitors, arrives with no-label drop ‘#LUCID’ exclusively on DREAMSTORE to announce that.

The drop sees one of the flap scene’s biggest flappers turn up with his first full length album, after an endless series of mixtapes across labels such as TKX Lost, Jah’s Imprint, Infinitpool and WWFC.

The artist, better known as HKE, wrote a soliloquy via his Instagram, utilising a picture of avocado sushi: “Today will be the final day of the avocado sushi run. I’ve only slept two hours. Four hours the night before that. Insomania kicking in so I wrapped up my debut album.”

On the album itself: “I’ve been preparing for this debut album for the last year … Now we arrive at the gates of infinity. The simulacrum of those greats who paved the way at the side, perched above on the great walls, fifty feet high in the air, statues made of gold. Plato, Aristotle, Flapzilla. Now M arrives, finishes his final piece of avocado sushi, lays his sword before the face of God and gets ready to drop #LUCID.”

Listen to and download M’s ‘#LUCID’ on DREAMSTORE now.