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New album by Tinmixer tomorrow

New album by Tinmixer tomorrow

Tomorrow we are dropping a new album called ‘Destiny’ by Tinmixer.

It will be on run of 50 tapes with special LED printed shells, that won’t be repressed. One and done.

Solid ambient downtempo music. Mystic dreampunk shit. Solid producer, though quiet. Highly regarded by those in the know already. Go and check him out on Spotify if you haven’t heard.

Here is the preview single, ‘New World’, which dropped a year ago as part of the first singles compilation.


p.s. Apologies that the website is down right now, it should be back up soon, we’re just sorting some stuff.

Upcoming DREAM Schedule:

Today: This announcement
29/10: Tinmixer – ‘Destiny’ Album drop
30/10: Wei SET premiere
31/10: /
02/11: New single drop
03/11: Election-Night CANVAS Special
04/11: New single drop

There may be other things in this timeframe too