Nicol, Dream Catalogue’s new general manager and the host of weekly Thursday-night Youtube radio series ‘Parley Radio’ abruptly ended yesterday evening’s show with a small tirade.

The host interrupted his own show twenty-five minutes before it was due to end, shutting off a New Delhi Express track midway and saying: “Alright, fuck this track. We’re going to switch it up now, fuck it … I’m going to wrap this shit up as well because, yeah, I’m hot and I’m bothered and I’m fucking tired.”

He signed off right after loading up 2814’s track ‘Arcadia’, which appeared on the new album ‘Lost Fragments’, saying: “Tune in next week, some bullshit. Fucking, go and fucking follow Instagram. Anyway, Parley Radio, I’ve been your host Nicol.”

We reached out to Nicol for comment and found out that there had been a small bust-up between himself and HKE, who had got on Nicol’s case for playing a flap tune on the show. “HKE came in dictating to me how I should run my show right in the middle of me DJ’ing. It was unhelpful and pissed me off, but we talked after the show and brainstormed some good ideas together for next week’s show.” He also added that: “Everything is good between us now. Next week will be better.”

HKE commented on the incident when approached, saying “I told Nicol not to play flap tunes on Parley. We’re going to have a full show committed to flap on NTS Radio every month and I don’t want everything on the label to be oversaturated with it. Flap has to be contained to NTS Radio from now on. NTS is the new home of flap and Parley needs to be its own brand.”

HKE also confirmed that he had talked with Nicol after the show and together had formed a new strategy for Parley Radio going forward.

Listen to last night’s episode of Parley Radio