The infamous Bedlam Tapes owner and former vaporwave figurehead OSCOB has touted a return to Dream Catalogue after a lengthy period of absence from the label.

On his Twitter account, OSCOB stated ‘I’m joining @dream_catalogue again, they are friends’, suggesting that communications have resumed with HKE, who OSCOB had a public fallout with, alongside wosX, in late 2015.

OSCOB’s relationship with Dream Catalogue goes back to some of its earliest days, having originally released two albums with the label, ‘Tech Support’ and ‘Overgrowth’, both of which were famously deleted from the label’s old Bandcamp page in 2016.

Following a further bust-up within the vaporwave scene in recent years that saw OSCOB retreat into the shadows for a considerable period of time, the notorious artist re-emerged on HVRF Central Command with the unexpected hardvapour smash hit Junkie, seemingly revelling in his ex-communication from the community he belonged to prior with a newfound and joyful approach that saw some dub him as Punished Oscob.

OSCOB’s vision for his Dream Catalogue return remains unclear; as an experienced podcaster, some have suggested CANVAS as his likely destination in the immediate future. However, neither OSCOB nor HKE have commented on any such speculation as of yet.