We here at the DREAM newsdesk have received word that Dream Catalogue sub-label PYRAMIDS may be set to re-open.

After a small flurry of activity this year, with releases from Mythril Spectre and Lord Mu, PYRAMIDS returned back to radio silence along with all other such HKE operations over the past six months.

When asked on the subject, HKE has told us directly: “It’s something we’re looking at right now, and there may be some news in the near future. It coincides with other plans we’re making right now.”

It is understood that HKE is now operating with a multi-layered tier of staff for all of his music based operations. When pressed on this: “On that front, I’m looking to take a bit of a step back. We have a new staff in place now who are going to be steering the ship from now on. Expect some announcements soon in regards to everything.”