Remember, one of Dream Catalogue’s recently announced premier RESIDENTS has touted a full live performance of his next full length album for Dream Catalogue as part of the Dream Catalogue showcase in London, September 28th.

The cyberpunk ambient connoisseur has spent the past year evolving the concept of his project, incorporating further instrumentation in to his sound, such as electric guitars and a studio drum-kit that he intends to use to push his work to the next level.

This live performance will see Remember debut his album in full for the first time using guitar and electronics, long before the album is even to be released on Dream Catalogue, so fans attending the show will be in for a treat.

The upcoming show also includes other Dream Catalogue artists: MOD-COMM 81, Bruised Skies, Halo Acid, Shinatama, HKE and Shima33, performing with a mix of live sets and DJ sets that are intended to showcase the expansive sound of Dream Catalogue as a record label going into the 2020’s.

A second round of tickets are available now from Resident Advisor.