Renjā returns to DREAM with brand new album ‘Divine Justice’ on October 9th

Renjā is a powerhouse of production, an artist with over 30 albums to his name, each one brimming with sounds that have over the years influenced and pioneered the genres that he finds himself in. His latest release, “Divine Justice”, shows no signs of slowing down, with those familiar with his sound feeling right at home with the plucky 80’s synths and swirling Dreampunk atmosphere of the opening tracks.

Of course, much like Renjā, things only continue to develop from there, with the artist branching off into all kinds of directions; atmospheric capturing epics, laid-back slow jams, minimalist synthwave and every other genre the artist feels like experimenting with litter the album from front to back, with easily a half-dozen or so different genres on display accross the entire emotional spectrum.

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In a sense, “Divine Justice” feels like a showcase of just what Renjā is capable of. A magnificent collection of colours painted onto the canvas that is Renjā’s career thus far; complimenting what is already there, but also adding enough fresh brush strokes to make you view the art of Renjā in a new way. This is everything you ever dreamed of; This is nothing you expect.

‘Divine Justice’ will drop next Friday, 9th October on Spotify and all other streaming services, as well as on cassette on the same day. As with the Weniwasu and Remember cassettes we dropped recently, this will be a limited edition cassette of 50. There will be no repress.

Listen to the preview track ‘Gates’ now: