AUT2M (pronounced “autumn”) is the experimental bass-soaked project of Mathijs Nouwens of The Netherlands. Coming from a dubstep background, AUT2M’s approach to production is built literally from the bottom up, with sound system destroying subs being a key fixture to the skilled beat designer’s music.

While he also produces more straight-forward dubstep music under the alias Anecho, it is his experimental work as AUT2M that has brought him to the attention of the DREAM scene. First appearing on HVRF before moving on to do projects with House of the Leg, Antifur and PYRAMIDS, his first drop with Dream Catalogue, ‘Corrupt’ came after years of association with the label. Having been a fixture of live shows and NTS radio appearances with the record label, his ‘Corrupt’ album proved a statement of intent that showed AUT2M to be one of the most interesting technical producers in the world today.

Visit AUT2M’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the artist’s discography available for download. Stay tuned for more resident reveals in the coming weeks.