The elusive Ganz Feld is an entity that exists somewhere off the Gulf of Mexico working in the realm of future beats. Over the past few years of operating in and around Dream Catalogue, the artist has won something of a cult following for the intelligent approach to beat design that has been showcased across the four studio albums released to date.

The progression through the vapour-zone from Lost Angles to BLCR saw Ganz become one of the most colourful beat producers around the DREAM scene, with trap foundations laying the groundwork for the artist’s expert and experimental craftsmanship – but what makes Ganz stand out from the pack is the ingenious ability to write emotionally resonant melodies that lay at the very heart of the work, beyond all the precision of the cerebral productions.

Visit Ganz Feld’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the artist’s discography available for download. Stay tuned for more resident reveals in the coming weeks.