Born and raised in London’s inner city, Halo Acid creates music that resembles the cosmopolitan frenzy of his own upbringing, a life of real struggle in constant transience

Fixed somewhere between techno, garage, jungle, IDM and grime, Halo’s avant-garde approach to dance music is an evolution of the UK underground sound in many senses, but also takes off kilter cues from shoegaze and the dreampunk sound. Everything comes together in a sophisticated blend that is unique to the artist’s own style and vision, a rare thing to find in today’s dance music world.

With the release of ‘Body Dares’ in 2018, Halo Acid concluded a year which saw him rise to prominence as one of the top tier artists to come out of Dream Catalogue in recent years, earning praise for his innovative and daring production style.

Check out Halo Acid’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the artist’s discography available for download. Stay tuned for more resident reveals in the coming weeks.