Educated with a BSc in Music Technology at the University Of East London, Jude Frankum is best known for his most popular music project ‘Remember’, which the London-based artist describes as his ‘cyber tragedy’. Intended to be a sequential narrative of abstract storytelling, the project began its life on the label with the breakthrough success of ‘Route Back Home’, before evolving and transcending the original intentions of the project into becoming the artist’s main creative outlet – taking his place as one of DREAM’s premier residents.

The Remember project has evolved both technically and musically since its inception. Typically known for the use of ambient, drone and downtempo techniques that help evoke images of neon-washed urban landscapes as seen through a romantic lens, Remember has now also begun to incorporate guitar work as of 2018’s ‘The City Is My Friend’. And so the project continues on, exploring new sonic territory with a youthful and open minded curiosity for sound and art.

Check out Remember’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the entire Remember discography available for download and ‘The City Is My Friend’ available on 12″ vinyl. Stay tuned for more resident unveilings in the coming weeks.