Unable to be locked down by styles and trends, the Shima33 brand (commonly known as just ‘Shima’) is always a guarantee to expect the unexpected – musically, artistically and even in the essence of his own persona – which can vary from the deep zen meditation Shima on one hand, to the wilding out flapper high off a two and a half litre bottle of Pepsi on the other. House, techno, downtempo, trip-hip, hip-hop, jazz-hop, rap music of any variation, VGM, ambient and drone, future funk, softvapor and hardvapour… Shima has done it all, twice over.

A keen and curious experimental artist at his core, Shima has been with Dream Catalogue since its inception. Informally known for being the very first artist signed to the label via demo while still in his teen years back in 2014, fans have watched Shima mature and find his feet as an artist and a man – having witnessed his journey through the artistic rites of passage captured in the evolution of his album releases.

Visit Shima’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the artist’s discography available for download. Stay tuned for more resident reveals in the coming weeks.