Taking an atavistic and mystical approach, Yoshimi Hishida’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland, Japan, relative to the modern world, exploring the dichotomy between the seen and unseen worlds. The artist achieves this musical dynamic with the blend of traditional Japanese folk music meeting at a halfpoint with clipped out, hard and electronic downtempo beats, produced masterfully with a cinematic edge that is almost Hollywood-like.

The Tokyo native has been involved in music since the early nineties, working on film and TV soundtracks, but really began to make a name for himself after releasing ‘Tokyo Restricted Area’ on Dream Catalogue in 2016 after being pitched to the label by Lillith Twin. He has gone on to release several albums with the label, including the ‘Japanese Ghosts’ series on sub-label PYRAMIDS.

Visit Yoshimi’s official RESIDENTS page on DREAMSTORE now, with the artist’s discography available for download. Stay tuned for more resident reveals in the coming weeks.