Ross Khmil’s new album ‘Felino de la Diablo’ leaks online ahead of its release

Due to an instance of human error in an increasingly complex computerised system of data transfer, the album ‘Felino de la Diablo’ by Ross Khmil has been accidentally leaked online ahead of its release on Dream Catalogue. The new album ‘Felino de la Diablo’, originally intended to be released in February, sees the artist return just over a year after his debut album with us, ‘Invisible Empire’, which was released on cassette at the end of 2018.

The Ukraine-based artist is a natural mystic of ethereal ambience that speaks to the anxiety between harmony, from the earth. ‘Felino de la Diablo’ continues his output in this tradition, bringing back the trademark fuzzy guitars of his prior release with Dream Catalogue, this time focusing on minimal, haunting, progressive drone atmospherics that build around and deviate from singular root notes like ghosts spiralling a wasteland. Steel Diamonds arrives in collaboration for the finale track, also the title track, which was premiered by HKE on NTS Radio.

The release is up now on Spotify and all other streaming services, and will arrive on in the near future.