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Sangam drops new album ‘This Evening’

Sangam drops new album ‘This Evening’

Having earned a reputation as one of the leading ambient producers around in recent years, after myriad drops that span dozens of underground labels, Sangam returns to his home base for his third drop with us, ‘This Evening’, in which the artist’s prolificacy remains in order, while also tentatively stepping to new grounds.

The sonorous wide-angle lens moving across the slumbering city is provoked by melodies who’s textures are infused with the elemental forces — wind, rain — which batter against the windows. On Daze Field, the artist routinely crafts the washed out urbanity, but sounding out in the higher frequencies is a magisterial progression which comes into its own voice on Found Trust In You, following the strident rhythmic tension of Oblivion… This Evening is like any other — but touched by the difference the artist — and listener — sees in it; memorialising the night so it, unlike us, becomes immortal.

Catch ‘This Evening’ on Spotify now, and look out for the official drop here on dreamcatalogue.com in the coming weeks.

Sangam – This Evening