Released: 2015

Dream Catalogue

Genres: Downtempo, Dreampunk

一年新的太空时代之前 “What is Time?” “A moment. A clock tick. A thousand years are one day…”

Chungking Mansions returns to Dream Catalogue with his second full length solo album and first ever cassette release after the hazy Wong Kar Wai inspired ‘ShowView’ earlier this year.

While continuing in the same production style he has become known for this past year, ‘安全出口EXIT空间和时间’ is a much more ethereal, spacey and at times darker affair than his Dream Catalogue debut, pulling influences and rare lo-fi samples from a catalogue of 80’s electronic, experimentalist and new age music.

‘安全出口EXIT空间和时间’ is also a continuation of experimentalism from the CKM, after the industrial cyberpunk leanings of ‘Moonlit Chatlogs of a Comrade’ on Ailanthus Recordings with Internet Goddess Shinatama proved the producer’s versatility. The Wong Kar Wai traditions continue in the sense that the album feels like one long disjointed but somehow connected trip through a place that is almost tangible – but the themes here are organically transcendent, concerned with space and the time rather than the Hong Kong city-tones of past works.






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