Aesthetic (2013-2018)


Released: 2018

Dream Catalogue

Genres: Downtempo, Dreampunk, Compilation

Neither a ‘best of’, nor a ‘greatest hits’, HKE’s Aesthetic 2013-2018 instead serves as both an introduction and a reminder – a starting point or an addendum, depending on how you decide to approach this two-sided set. It is an overview of these years of Dream Catalogue’s founder and spiritual guru, David Russo, the artist: an invitation to explore the branches of this tree of life far beyond what is presented here.

This compilation comprises one track from each of his most notable releases as ‘HKE’; individual track selections from a variety of his aliases; new songs Pressure Drop and HKE (ft. MXXA), made specifically for this compilation; and an unreleased Henry Moonchild track – all sequenced together to make for something that works as an individual full-length listen in itself. This release covers an at times utterly demented approach, given the extremely prolific and wide-ranging scope of the output it draws from – a kaleidoscope of crashing aesthetics.

Aesthetic 2013-2018 attempts to neatly tie a bundle of chaos into a small gift box. But the box reveals an invitation to take a deep dive into the divine chaos of The Artist Formerly Known As HKE, 2013 – 2018.

Aesthetic (2013-2018)





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  • Clear protective seal 
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